ICT and Innovation

Dutch education is seen as highly innovative, where schools have a lot of room to innovate. There are many profiles and concepts. There is also a perfect infrastructure to use ICT in education, which was reinforced at the time of school closure during the COVID19 crisis. Again, the question is what works, in terms of ICT and innovation. Does more ICT lead to better and more adaptive education for students? And are students at schools with special profiles better or less well off? What works, what is effective for students and teachers? Within this theme, we use large-scale databases to test the effects of ICT and innovation on students.


Chris van Klaveren

Program leader

Ilja Cornelisz

Program leader

Alexander Savi

Senior Researcher

Inge de Wolf


Tijana Prokic-Breuer

Managing Director

Roxanne Korthals

Senior Researcher

Sanne van Wetten

Senior Researcher

Research and partners

For our work on ICT and Innovation in Education we are partnering with Inspectorate of Education and Amsterdam Center for Learning Analytics (ACLA). Together with Inspectorate we are researching new ways in which innovation in the educational field can be more effective and evidence-based. Our collaboration with ACLA allows us to conductresearch on sustainable integration of ICT in educational practice and organisation of schools.

For more information on our research on ICT in education please contact Chris van Klaveren or Ilja Cornelisz. For more information on the stream of research on innovation in Education you can contact Roxanne Korthals or Tijana Prokic Breuer.