Education Lab Netherlands is a research network working to improve education by ensuring that educational policy and practice is informed by scientific evidence. We use randomized impact evaluations, big data analysis and policy simulations to improve quality and effectiveness of policies, programs and interventions.

Research. Co-create. Share.


At Education Lab, we believe that rigorous research is essential to finding solutions to the greatest challenges in education. Our research has four main areas: Educational Quality & Equity, School Assessment & Evaluation, School Quality and Artificial intelligence. Working with implementing partners and Education Lab’s affiliated professors and researchers we use randomised impact evaluations, big data analysis and policy simulations to improve quality and effectiveness of educational policies, programs and interventions.


We forge relationships with educational practitioners and design, implement and evaluate educational practices. By using policy simulations we help (local) policy-makers understand implications of their policies. Education Lab builds partnerships with local governments and schoolboards to share frameworks for applying global evidence to local contexts, and to support use of evidence to drive educational improvement and innovation. In this way our research contributes in an innovative way to the ecosystem of knowledge and evidence on key questions in education.


We build bridges between research and practice through effective communication. We seek to present our research results in a clear, accessible and relevant manner. We translate research findings into practical tools to inform educational practice. In this, we tap into our partners’ – that is teachers and school leaders – deep understanding of the day-to-day practice of education. We also create practical research resources and make them accessible to all. We focus on tools designed to help schools develop and carry out randomized evaluations.


Our mission is to support evidence -based educational improvement and innovation by bridging the gap between research and practice.


Our vision is to improve quality of teaching and learning in schools through implementing interventions that work.