Tijana Prokic Breuer

Director and founder

Tijana Breuer is managing director and co-founder of Education Lab Netherlands. Within the Education Lab, Tijana is responsible for external stakeholder relationships and partnerships, strategic planning and research funding. As a researcher she is involved in various research themes including ‘equal opportunities’,  innovation and ICT’ and ‘schools as learning organizations’. Tijana has extensive experience as a researcher and independent advisor. Tijana is scientific program manager at the Dutch Inspectorate of Education where she was project leader at the State of Education. She also works as a research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) and regularly works as a consultant for OECD and UNICEF. Tijana was also a senior consultant at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris and a research fellow at Sciences Po’s Observatoire Sociologique du Changement (OSC) and French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED).