Education Lab launched ONA

Oct 04, 2022

By Educationlab

Education Lab launched ONA

At the start of September, 2022, Education Lab launched ONA (“Onderwijskennis Netwerk Amsterdam” in Dutch). Working together with education professionals from Amsterdam, ONA seeks to continuously improve education by setting up a knowledge infrastructure for primary education in Amsterdam. This knowledge infrastructure enables scientists, primary schools, teachers, school leaders and (municipal) administrators to tackle major themes, generate sound scientific knowledge and contribute to ‘evidence-informed’ work so that there is sustainable improvement and innovation in the Amsterdam primary education.

Education Lab was inspired by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). You can find an interview of Becky Francis, CEO of the EEF, by Inge de Wolf, director of the Education Lab, below where they discuss evidence-informed education at the kick-off of ONA.

Here you can find the interview.