Online conference ‘Educational opportunities in the wake of Covid-19’

Apr 29, 2021

By Educationlab

Online conference ‘Educational opportunities in the wake of Covid-19’

Join Research institute LEARN! (VU) and Education Lab for an online conference on Wednesday June 9, from 1.30pm to 5.15 pm CEST! We will discuss the increasing inequality in primary and secondary education, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the schedule is a choice of sessions, including keynotes by Dirk van Damme (CCR, boston), Pak Tee Ng (NIE Singapore) and Jonathan Kay (EEF). International experts (Kristof de Witte, Megan Kuhfeld and Michael Gratz, Anne Fleur Kortekaas–Rijlaarsdam) will exchange and compare experiences and best-practices in catch-up and recovery during a fireside chat. 

The program further includes a wide variety of sessions on, amongst others, the role of parents (Anne Tharner and Karen Wespieser), socio-emotional development (Marcela Huepe), evidence-informed decision making (Martijn Meeter, Inge de Wolf, Melanie Ehren), interrupted schooling (Chris Chang Bacon), centralized vs. school-led approaches (Dirk van Damme), and inequality of educational opportunities (Tijana Breuer). 

All sessions are interactive, aimed at sharing and discussing experiences with the audience. Target audience: teachers, principals, educational researchers and policy-makers.

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Click here for more information and a preview of the program.​