Practical cards: inspired by science, made for educational practice

Apr 14, 2021

By Educationlab

Practical cards: inspired by science, made for educational practice

In order to minimise the negative effects of the COVID-19 crisis on children, it is important that schools know

  • what works,
  • how it works and
  • what the important conditions are to make it workable in educational practice.

That is why we think it is important that the choices schools make to improve the quality of education are based on insights from research and science. Our toolkits describe and analyse promising approaches for the effective use of extra classes and the strengthening of parent involvement. We do this based on a literature review.

However, we also know how difficult it can be to translate these insights into classroom practice. Therefore, in cooperation with Eva Naaijkens and Martin Bootsma of the Alan Turings School in Amsterdam, we have created a series of practice cards that aim to better answer the HOW question. In these practice cards, the general recommendations from the toolkits are converted into practical and concretely described approaches for schools.

In addition to the practice cards described below, several more are in the pipeline. So keep following us on this website and on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn).

Practice cards Toolkit Extra Lessons (in Dutch)

Practice cards Toolkit Parental Involvement (in Dutch)