Mar 30, 2021

By Educationlab


Join the seminar InZicht: Seminar In / Zicht – YouTube

Join us on 7 April for our seminar “Kansrijke interventies”. This seminar discusses the impact of COVID19 on primary school pupils. We also discuss promising interventions, such as extra classes and parent involvement. Above all, you will learn what you can do to minimise the negative effects of the COVID-19 crisis on children.

Sign up or visit this site
You can sign up for the webinar via this link: https://bit.ly/3ucJaRb

What questions will you have answered after this seminar?

1. How can we use the figures on effects of COVID-19 on pupil performance for our own school scan?
2. What are effective approaches for extra classes and what is crucial in practice?
3. What are effective approaches to parent involvement and how do we achieve this?
4. How do we invent and design our own effective approaches? What do we need?

Organisation and attendees
The seminar is organised by Education Lab NL, in co-production with ResearchEd and the Teachers Collective. It is financed by a grant from ZonMW.