Who wants to become a teacher?

Who wants to become a teacher?
What does the research say?

Which students get their teacher's degree?

Despite the good labour market position of starting teachers in terms of unemployment, starting salaries and the match between education and job, there are not enough graduates from the pabo and other teacher training colleges.

The shortage of teachers is increasing. There are not enough starting teachers to fill all vacancies in schools. In this chapter we will show where the shoe pinches in the inflow and outflow of the teacher training programs. The questions we answer are:

  1. How many and which students have started the teacher training programs in the last ten years?
  2. How many and which students switch courses or drop out in the meantime
  3. How many and which students graduate from the teacher training programs within five years?

In this article we mainly look at long-term trends in the intake and through-flow of students. We also compare the inflow and through-flow of students in the teacher education programs with students throughout higher education in terms of some simple background characteristics (gender, ethnicity, previous education, profile choice, exam grades).

What are the main conclusions?
  1. Halving the number of students starting a new teacher program.
  2. many and an increasing number of students who do not complete the second-degree teacher training programs. Increasing the influx of new students and increasing the chances of graduating from the second degree teacher training program seem to be the most promising policy measures. With new measures, however, it is important to also look at the effects on the quality and diversity of the intake.