Equity in Education

What can schools do to provide opportunities for their students? Which measures lead really equal opportunities for students in schools? What works here in schools? This are important questions for schools, administrations and municipalities, especially now that the inequality in the education has been sustained. The COVID19 crisis reinforces the urgency of this. What can you do
as a school, what works and what are the possible side effects? We are working on this literature reviews, analyzes with existing data on Dutch students and schools do co-creations and experiments with schools from all over the country


Inge de Wolf


Tijana Prokic-Breuer

Managing Director

Rolf van der Velden

Program leader

Ilja Cornelisz

Program leader

Bowen Paulle

Research Fellow

Sanne van Wetten

Senior Researcher

Research and partners

For our work on equity in education we are partnering with Inspectorate of Education, Municipality of Amsterdam, Dutch National Cohort Study and Jeugd Educatie Fonds. In August 2020 we have been awarded a grant from Dutch National Science Foundation to study the consequences of Covid-19 Crisis on the educational performance and equity of primary school students in the Netherlands. Together with school leaders and teachers we are working on development of evidence-based toolkit for schools that can help schools to cope with the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis.

For more information in our research on Equity in Education and Covid-19 project, please contact Inge de Wolf or Tijana Prokic-Breuer.